Our Philosophy

At A CHILD’S PLACE LEARNING CENTER, INC., we believe each child is a unique individual and we strive to provide a loving, nurturing, and creative environment for all children.  We are sensitive to their social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs and our focus is on developmentally appropriate practices that revolve around the process of learning.  ACP aligns our curriculum to the California Preschool Learning Foundations which “outline key knowledge and skills that most children can achieve when provided with the kinds of interactions, instruction, and environments that research has shown to promote early learning and development” (California Department of Education, 2015).  


We focus on an Inquiry Approach to Learning curriculum that highlights the children’s interests and goals.  We encourage not just learning, but the love and fun of learning to ensure each child’s readiness for future academic and life success.  Teaching social skills is an important component of our program.  Combs and Slaby define social skills “as the ability to interact with others in a given social context in specific ways that are socially acceptable or valued and at the same time personally beneficial, mutually beneficial, or beneficial primarily to others” (1977, p. 162).


The children’s progress is assessed twice each year.  Information is gathered through observations, anecdotal notes and “are developmentally appropriate, culturally and linguistically responsive, tied to children’s daily activities, supported by professional development, inclusive of families, and connected to specific, beneficial purposes” (National Association for the Education of Young Children, 2009).


We provide an environment that is safe, clean, healthy, and child friendly.  Classrooms are arranged to offer challenging play and learning choices at a variety of developmental levels to meet the needs of the whole child.  The learning centers that we set up in each classroom, allow the children the opportunity to explore, to experience and most importantly…to succeed!

One strength of ACP is the quality and experience of our staff and their dedication to the children.  We support our teachers with training, resources and the freedom to create a unique learning environment.  We provide many opportunities for the teachers to share ideas and grow professionally.  Our teachers create a caring yet structured atmosphere that fosters each child’s creativity, confidence and positive self-image.


A Child’s Place is a Full Inclusion Preschool.  This means that we accept children with special needs.  Research states that “high quality early childhood programs form the necessary structural base for high quality inclusive programs; thus, all children benefit from them.  The parents of children without disabilities whose children participate in inclusive programs often report beneficial changes in their children’s confidence, self-esteem, and understanding of diversity” (Odom & Beckham, 2002, p. 156).  ACP staff will ensure that the interactions between all students are positive and supportive, therefore creating a true community of learners.


We believe an emphasis on self-help skills and reinforcing home/family standards and values will help your child meet any new challenges he or she will undertake in an elementary school setting and in life!!


We practice positive methods of discipline.  We establish consistent and appropriate boundaries to help children function in their world. Our programs are designed to help children develop a sense of independence and responsibility.  We strive to strengthen each child’s own cultural identity, while instilling a respect for others.


Parents are the most significant adults in a child’s life.  Our goal is to create mutual respect between parents and teachers – a partnership for the benefit of the child.  We encourage daily communication between parents and Center staff.  Our doors are open to parents at all times!

ACP is proud to be included in the QualityStartOC program.  QualityStart OC (2015) recognizes that we:


      Play a vital role not only in the lives of the children in your care, but in the Orange 

      County community as a whole.  Parents trust you to care for, nurture, and teach
      their children in their first years.  Research has proven that these early years are
      critical to a child’s future success and well-being.  QualityStart OC recognizes the important       role you play in the community.


A CHILD’S PLACE LEARNING CENTER, INC., values people: the children in our care, their parents and our staff.  We continually work to earn the trust placed in us.  We will provide the best early childhood education and care possible.


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