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Inclusion is about development, about relationships, about community, and about belonging.  The goal of A Child’s Place Learning Center, Inc. (ACP) is to provide a positive early childhood educational experience along with exceptional childcare to children with diverse abilities in a setting that enhances the strengths, and supports the needs, of all children in our program.  We take pride in our ability to focus on the child first and not the disability or challenges.


Our goal is to enhance the competence and confidence of all the children that we serve.  Children in our care will have the chance to grow emotionally, physically, socially and cognitively.  We are committed to providing all of our students the opportunities to learn communication skills, social skills and develop relationships with their teachers and peers in an integrated, developmentally appropriate and least restrictive environment.  Our classroom schedules provide opportunities for all children to learn and practice new skills and participate in the classroom independently or with minimal support.





Defining Inclusion In Early Childhood Programs

The U.S. Department Of Health And Human Services and The U.S. Department Of Education define "Inclusion in early childhood programs as including children with disabilities in early childhood programs together with their peers without disabilities, holding high expectations and intentionally promoting participation in all learning and social activities, facilitated by individualized accommodations, and using evidence-based services and supports to foster their cognitive, communication, physical, behavioral, and social-emotional development; friendships with peers; and sense of belonging.  This applies to all young children with disabilities, from those with the mildest disabilities, to those with the most significant disabilities". (2015, p. 3)

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